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You may be in between hires or struggling to find the perfect teacher, and while you do the kids should never have to suffer.


Maybe you're in the process of hiring new staff? Avoid teachers taking on too many children or having to combine classes to accommodate for call-outs.


Never feel like you're at risk for a code violation or need to close down due to a lack of qualified staff. We provide last-minute, certified subsitute teachers. 

Purple and Orange Bold & Modern Preschoo

If your daycare facility is struggling to find substitute teachers and constantly feeling understaffed we are proud to offer teacher placement services.


I have had the privilege of working with Tina Adams through her business, Emergency Child Care Staffing. I was running a childcare center off Arrowood and found her flyer at the copy place we were using. In childcare, staffing is critical and required to comply with strict regulations. With a 33% turnover rate keeping a full, committed, and capable team is a real challenge!! I began using Tina’s company and continue to do so 2 years later!

- Cynthia Kara Barnes

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Never let your business go understaffed or feel the hassle of not having the proper amount of care for the children your business promised to care for. Our company partners with businesses to provide last-minute, yet completely certified daycare teachers to assist in roles where needed.  Start your partnership with Emergency Childcare Services today and never experience crisis again.