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Our company is the market-leading CPR/AED certified course provider.

We are the top-rated most recommended agency in the North Carolina and South Carolina regions for all your certification needs. 

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 We offer onsite and in-office childcare courses to accommodate for all your personal needs. Our instructors are certified through American Red Cross and we work hard to keep your business in compliance and up-to-date. 

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Babysitter's Training

Our one-day course is designed to educate individuals and prepare them for the precious role of becoming a childcare providers. We cover six interactive modules in the course that discuss factors such as proper infant child care, preparing for emergency situations, staying safe, providing age-appropriate activities, and more.  This course comes complete with a CPR and First Aid certification. Upon completing the course you will receive a same-day printed certification. 

Adult and Pediatric
First Aid/CPR/AED

This course is designed to incorporate the latest science and teaches students how to recognize and treat a variety of first-aid situations, including but not limited to: ​cuts, burns, crapes, sudden illness, head/neck/back injuries, and how to respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies for victims of any age. Upon completing the course you will receive a same-day printed certification. 

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Additional Trainings

For more information on additional training resources we may offer please inquire below. We offer a variety of courses including but not limited to:

BLS Provider (CPR/AED for Healthcare Professionals)
 Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED
Basic First Aid
Epi-Pen Training
Blood borne Pathogens
Babysitter’s Training

+ much more!